Aug 14, 2011

Short and Sweet

I figured I would take the time opportunity I have right now and post a few pictures instead of letting them pile up- which makes me need more time to post them- which means I wait up to two weeks to get the chunk of time to do it- and the motivation! Well, Colin is growing up for sure. The other morning, he passed up his high chair for a seat at the table for breakfast instead. I do not have a picture of the following mess, so he's back to the high chair for awhile.

Present anticipation at Phoebe's birthday party!

The birthday girl. We got her a little monogrammed backpack. I wanted one myself! : )

Up to more mischief. As we are still working on the air conditioning issue, we've borrowed a large fan to get some air circulation in the den. Colin's mission is to knock it over.

The other day at the library, we tried working a huuuuge United States puzzle Hannah picked out. The puzzle was pretty difficult for their age and turned out to be difficult to me, too, since another mom decided to watch over our progress and make frequent comments. I started second guessing myself on where the states were! I started with the Mid-South and tried to work my way out- haha. Anyway, Hannah was super interested in the different states, so I found a toddler friendly puzzle at a store. They've played with this puzzle every day for a week. A great use of $8.

4 years in the making! Do you remember when our office was a dark navy blue with a torn up carpet. I never dreamed that one day it would be a bright, happy room for our son...with real curtains! I was motivated the other day to really start working on them. I had the red fabric from Ikea and some short white curtains from someone who didn't need them. I bought some green ribbon and large buttons. I already had red ribbon. I got out the sewing machine and some fuseable webbing and created a bit fun and drama for this small room since they are so tall. We also happened to have a cheapy white curtain rod just sitting in the garage so I didn't have to buy that, either.

The girls liked them so much, they decided to play in there for awhile and kept asking me to leave.

There is a little art on the walls, but I'm focusing on a bed quilt for him next. I've got all the squares cut and was determined not to buy more fabric since I have a large stash. I think I came up with something fun!

We also got our tv mounted, which has been great! We still need to get one of those cord hiders though. I also- after 4 whole years!- hemmed our curtains. They've bothered me for that long and of course it only took something like half an hour. I also put together a little brown ribbon and fabric to make a curtain for the tv cabinet. It always bothers me looking at all that equipment under there that has to be constantly straightened. It looks like I made a bit of hassle for the girls to get to their library books, though. : )


melody said...

i love the curtains- you did a great job on them!
hannah and chloe are funny playing together- it's going to be crazy when colin is talking.

The Robertson Family said...

Colin is already in a toddler bed! WOW...time flies and I am missing all of it! :( I love his curtains!!!