Sep 23, 2011


Watching Daddy play catcher. Dax's faculty/staff team did not come together this year, so he was happy to sub for a friend's team one night.

I think they stayed here for about 5 minutes.

The wives being goofy. Just in case you're wondering, she's just crossing her fingers- I just noticed what that looked like-oops!

Nana works on new storage for her kitchen and the girls help paint.

The girls took their first "official" trip to the dentist and both did very well. Chloe went between telling Hannah, "I'm not scared!" and "I'm too scared!" The hygienist was a great guy and really explained things to them and put them at ease. Chloe's showing off her clean teeth.

Snarly, sparkly teeth!

Colin confiscated a toothbrush, brushed his teeth, then brushed spit into his hair. Then repeated.

I ran across this at Hobby Lobby the other day and thought it would be a great $15 spent to entertain the kids. I expected them to be really excited about getting to color all over a toy, but it remains looking like this a week later.

Colin has had a great time in it, and it makes for a good Hide and Seek spot.

The other day I was helping Hannah clean her room and I kept hearing plastic crinkling. I thought about what it could be but didn't investigate until it got louder. Little man had found an open pantry door, opened the Cheerios box, and helped himself to the whole bag, hiding behind the kitchen table. Little did I know that day marked a beginning. He is now a very sneaky little thief. He's taken things from my purse (of course), toys from babies, an unfinished hamburger from a random kid's lunch at the park, and he'll manage to get a snack from any mom he can find. He also tried to leave the kids' area at the library about 12 times today- something the girls just never bothered to do. I'm sure he was on some kind of mission.

Fall is almost here, and I love homemade looking fall decorations. I found some cute felty pumpkins at the store but decided I should make some instead of dishing out dough. I found a couple of how-to videos online and put together some scrap fabric to make these little pumpkins.

It's a banana party. I just thought this was funny.

Here's another simple activity from a book. This page is from a book about a girl who walks to school with her mom and pretends the typical things they see along the way are adventures- so the cat at the corner is really a tiger, the creek has alligators, etc. So we drew our own.

Hannah must be up on the latest scientific discoveries. Apparently we are on a super earth with multiple suns. I drew the house, mountains, and rock pile, and she drew the "lava."

Happy Thanksgiving!! I wish this was my table.
Last year a group of friends held "Thanksgiving in September" and we repeated it this year.

Colin's always pleased to sit in a chair by himself.

Some of the kids color turkey pages and write what they are thankful for.
Hannah was thankful for Daddy bringing her to this party.

A pretty good spread!! We brought corn salad, cauliflower gratineed, and my family's old standby, can-shaped jellied cranberry sauce, which I think only I ate.

All of them are growing up so fast! The two oldest were just learning to walk when I first met them and now all the rest have come along! I think we had a grand total of 15 kids.

I found a quiet spot- someone made me put the napkin in my shirt- maybe to cover the crazy wildlife design! At least I was in fall colors.

The other day, we played "sandwiches," which is basically stacking the kids all on top of each other.

Chloe and Colin enjoy lunch while Hannah was at school. This was the first time they ate together at this table and at one point, I noticed their little bare feet "hugging" under the table : )

I've been up to a few things. I'm back with the Lone Star Wind Orchestra, and our concert is this weekend. We're playing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris, Cuban Overture, and Catfish Row from Porgy and Bess- all famous stuff and fun to play. Our piano soloist is a previous Van Cliburn winner! Less exciting is my new organizing. I got these notebooks with birthday money forever ago. So now I've made nice little labels for them. Hopefully I'll be motivated to put things in them now that there's a place for everything.

I'm also taking a painting class!!! Dax's school has a Lifelong Learning Center, and I've had my eye on art classes forever, but they've never worked for our schedule before. This class is for acrylics and I'm having a great time. 3 peaceful hours once a week where I get to listen to adults, and sit with a snack and bunch of paints! The first class, the teacher told us not to sketch, but to choose something from her still life setup and just paint. Well, I was pretty pleased with my two-toned pineapple, but not so much the rest. I don't really know where I was going with that background, but that's the fun of it. Hannah says it's a waterfall.

My goal was to really get out of my box, but the pineapple is still definitely within my box, so I'll get there eventually.

This week we used palette knives, which I've never done before! We had to bring our own still life this time. I'm still not sure about the background, and the camera makes it almost look a little better than it is. I had to wash everything off the canvas and start over. My first version was of a blurrier watering can with some kind of crazy pyschadelic background. At first it seemed some other people in the class were easily frustrated and not so sure about painting, but they brought back their work over the week and did a great job. And some of the knife paintings today were really neat!