Oct 23, 2011

Artfully Yours

Well, my beloved painting class has come to a close, so I'm here to bring you the results : )
I did this painting over 3 weeks of class and a few hours at home. It's been in my mind for quite a while to paint something for Colin's room since I've searched stores and online for wall art and haven't found anything. He already has a couple of rocketships in his room, circus-like curtains, and a rug featuring a road to all different places in the world. So since his room's theme seems to be "Adventure" that's what the painting is about.

I wanted it to be whimsical, so I made swirly, chunky clouds. I also wanted it to be an aerial view.
Quilts introduce the fair in the valley below, and if you look closely, you can see little Colin running toward his adventure. There's a maize maze, candy shaped concession stands, a train coming out of the mountain, a little midway, rollercoaster, circus, ampitheater, and racetrack.

The main feature was always going to be someone waving out of a hot air balloon, so that went in early. There's a large lake with tiny beach umbrellas and sailboats. Little patches of puff paint forest are all around, too.

Here's how it looks in his room!

The last class was supposed to be snacks and critique, and since my family was in town for Chloe's birthday, Melody came along!! We ended up doing some painting after Dax brought up the paints to class, and had a great time with everyone.

Melody's sweet seahorse.

The water cup I used for all my paintings was my "subject."

The class! We started off with about 9 people, but gradually it dwindled to a loyal few. I really had fun with these people, and I hope our suggestions of meeting outside of class for a few landscape paintings will pan out. Mary, the teacher, is in the middle. Her artist's name is Stangeblossom. How good do you have to be before you can come up with an artist's name? ...hmmm

After each class, Strangeblossom, gave a painting of her own away, usually one she completed in class. I had to leave early for a concert one night, but was excited to learn I had won one! I thought it was appropriate considering I love Mt. Dew : )

I decided to use a scrap paint canvas like she did, but all I came up with were two M&Ms. This was a gift to Melody, but either she thought I was joking or she secretly didn't want it because it's still at my house for some reason.. hehe

Melody took some beautiful photos while she was here.

Back to my own photos. Colin loves this spot in the front yard.

Colin and Papaw spent some great time together this weekend.

Chloe was super excited about Grandma and Papaw's presents. She got a purple outfit- her wardrobe is quickly turning all purple! That will be a fun memory when she's older. She also got a few books she and Hannah have been anxious to get. They love "Seek and Find" books. They have a green and yellow. Now they have a blue and red and they were ecstatic! I'll post the video when we load it on the computer.

This one is really sweet.

Melody took this one as well- one of my favorites.

We took over the streets of the Fairview neighborhood heading to visit Nana's house.

Once there, Melody and I tried to take a few un-beautiful photos. I call this one- "A study in contrast" - discuss.

Melody couldn't take any ugly photos. I ended up taking this one of a deck post I thought was pretty cool.

Nana is starting a rose garden in the backyard. I'd say this one is a great start!

I'll be back soon with plenty of Chuck E. Cheese excitement.

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melody said...

i love all of the pictures! it was such a neat weekend- haha, i didn't realize the painting was for me! i actually really like it- it looks like through all of this chaos, you zoom in and it's just two m&ms sitting together! i will remember it the next time i come out there.