Oct 31, 2011

Birthday and Halloween

Chloe's Chuck E. Cheese dreams finally came true. And we wore purple to celebrate her favorite color. She now has an almost all purple wardrobe, and if you find something purple in the house, you can bet it's Chloe's.

She always runs to this ride first.

Grandma teaching Chloe how to shoot things- hehe


Papaw made sure Colin got in on the fun.

When it was time to meet Chuck E. Chloe was ready instead of scared.
She gave him a high-five. The place was packed, but our host did a good job of
keeping us on track.

Crowned by the mouse.

Chloe got to hear her name extra loud among the chaos since the little girl at the next table was also named Chloe.

I thought for sure Chloe wouldn't want to go in the ticket blaster, but when the host said Hannah could go in with her, and we watched someone else do it first, she was ready.

It was so funny to watch them in there. Chloe was super calm and concentrated getting all those tickets! The host actually said he'd never seen a 3 yr. old follow all the directions and not scoop tickets off the floor drop them all.

Present time! Chloe got so many perfect gifts.
Thanks to everyone for making her day special!
(And thanks to Melody for helping with last minute party favors!)

On Chloe's actual birthday, Dax and Hannah made ribs. Dax is reaching to turn off the smoke alarm : )

Chloe was excited to get several fun things. At the last minute, I found this little lamp for their room. She's been asking for one.

In other activities, we went to a nature preserve with some friends. Colin was so tiny in those tall woods.

His favorite past times are pointing in general directions and chatting about some mysterious subject.. and throwing things. I'll get a picture of the latter sometime, I'm sure.

At the end of the nature trail is a surprise playground.

Hannah's school had a pumpkin party and parade, so costumes were in order.
She wanted to be a princess, so we just used her dress-up clothes. Chloe couldn't resist being Tinkerbell.

It was also her day to share an object that begins with F. Granny would have been proud we took her "Feelings" Puzzle.

The costume parade!! Is there anything cuter? Of course I couldn't stop smiling.
I've got a video I'll post another time. Hannah just loved it and was waving to the crowd.

Saturday, we went to a kid's Halloween party. It's no secret I'm not fond of the scary elements of Halloween, not because they are scary, but I just don't think it's fun to treat death like a joke..and other reasons. However, I continually find myself on the fence. The activities we've participated in involve pumpkins, happy costumes, tasty treats, and at the very scariest- cute spiders. As far as trick-or-treating, I only have fond memories, so I'm not sure what we'll do in the future. Obviously we won't be able to avoid the things I feel aren't good to teach them. So many will differ from my opinions, I'm sure, but until those future days come, we're enjoying the lighthearted fun. Sorry for my little soapbox there! In the meantime, don't you love our Cat in the Hat costumes? We sang the theme song and quoted the beginning of the cartoon show all the way to the party. We also had a great time dying Colin's hair tuft blue.

Here was our party host! Haha. He did this all afternoon.

This party was planned to the nines! Every detail was so cute!
They painted pumpkins here.

This was just 1 of three perfect tables of treats!

I liked their mantle, too.

Some other guests : Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

Princess riding her unicorn.


Dad and strawberry look like twins.

Candy corn relay.

The relay kind of lost its way pretty soon, so some of the parents (who were also teachers) were calling it "Task Completion."

I was the only adult with a costume, but I couldn't resist complimenting the Things 1,2, and 3 after one of my students' parents offered up the costume. Jessica counted for wearing the hat. : )

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melody said...

haha-- i love colin pointing at things and muttering things about them! hahah it makes me laugh!