Oct 14, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Less is more... because the less I post, the more pictures you get! For quite awhile, I didn't think I had many pictures, and now I have too many! And you'll see your fair share of pumpkins for sure : )

We were invited to a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party. In the books, Nancy is all decked out in hair bows and costume jewelry, so that's what we did, too.

Several parts of our front yard do not have grass- just mud- and it's not so pretty. One day we planted a bunch of grass plugs, and to keep the girls busy, they got to cut all the dead leaves off the monkey grass with their kid scissors. They took the job very seriously as they sported their pajamas. The grass isn't looking any fuller yet- maybe due to our pesky moles?

Every Wednesday we have a playdate with friends. This time we fed ducks at the lake. Colin was upset I didn't let him walk right in. The weather has been so pretty that we've had a picnic lunch at various parks much more than we've had lunch at home this month.

Dax and Anna drove out to Tyler, Texas to see Father Demetrios speak. He was Dax's childhood priest and was in town for a short time.

One of Colin's favorite things to do (besides constantly beg for food) is to crawl into Hannah or Chloe's bed and pretend to sleep. Here, he's probably getting spaghetti all over Chloe's sheets if you look at his shirt.

Sometimes I ask for a "Cheese!" and get stuff like this.

Now what we've all been waiting for- a plethora of pumpkins.

One day we were invited to a weekday morning birthday gathering for a friend. The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch beats all others I've been to, and the weather was perfect, too. The girls loooove Strawberry Shortcake.

This is about 50% of their wood cut-outs. Characters were hidden everywhere. It was fun to see some older ones from my generation lurking about. And don't you love that house? I wanted to move right in and have acres of pumpkins for my daily view.

Not really his first pumpkin patch, but I couldn't resist.

What the other 23 tries looked like.

Colin masters the art of sauntering, meandering, and toddling all at once.
This might make my sisters think of the "Dust" game.

Enjoying freedom.

Do you see Hannah's little head popping up? This maze was for 3 and up, but maybe even 4 was a little too young. All our 4 year-olds went in together, and soon got lost and confused. A couple started crying and Hannah looked worried (from what I could see). One girl got superhero adrenaline and somehow scaled the hay looking for her mom. "I'm scaaaaaared!!!" she shouted with her fist pumping in the air. It was the funniest thing! I felt bad for laughing. No moms seemed to be making the move into the maze that said "No adults" so I tried out my own superhero powers and jumped over the side. I led everyone to safety and crawled out covered in straw. I was pretty proud until I realized my glasses were missing (they had been on my pocket while I wore sunglasses) so back into the maze I hurdled, crawling all over the place until I found them. Humility always finds a way.

Chloe was obsessed with this little building. I hope she moves on to higher aspirations soon.

The party guests crammed into a tiny space.

I'm not sure this will mean much until we return next fall. : )

Colin is the 8th dwarf...Hungry.

Colin refused the hay ride and chose this instead.

Somehow the girls cajoled these older boys into pushing them on it next.

Pumpkins #2- Nana's work had their annual fall festival.

First order of the day- getting tattoos.

I took Colin into the petting zoo. He actually did really well and wanted to pet the animals, but was unhappy if they moved toward him.

This donkey wouldn't leave him alone. Haha

I liked this llama (alpaca?). Anna told us later that this guy escaped with some of his animal friends and they had to chase them around the property!

Our kids don't like these things- understandably, since they don't see the humor in it from their side of the cutout- but we as parents, have the duty to make them do it anyway : )

Hannah refuses and it makes me laugh that Dax thinks he's hidden.

Finally up for a hay ride.

Checking out the big rig! I loved the interior of this thing. Spacious and clean- I could imagine myself on the road with my music, my snacks, and my plush truck cab. I'm dressed for it already, right?

Pumpkin Patch #3!

The Dallas Arboretum pulls out all the stops for fall with their thousands of pumpkins. This was the first time Dax was able to go with us. It was a beautiful day, the kids were in good spirits, and we had a great time.

We enjoyed some of the regular garden areas first with a race: Hannah vs. Mommy and Chloe

The theme this year was Princess Castles- so interesting architectural houses were all over to run through. The kids all got to sit in Cinderella's coach. Many little girls were dressed as Cinderella to get their pictures taken.

This one makes me laugh. Harvesting her pumpkins for some pie, I imagine.

I'm new to the Hispanic-American traditions of girls turning 15, but we saw these princesses all over the place getting their pictures taken. The girls thought they were part of the exhibits- or that they were seeing real princesses- I'm not sure.

We picnicked on a nice big hill.

Ever wonder what "Mad Hannah" looks like? I don't recall what the problem was... haha

Hannah saw kids rolling down the hill and really wanted to try.

With a teeny tiny bit of prodding from Hannah and me, Dax rolled with her. She loved it.

Here you can spot me lounging in what I long to be my own yard.

If you haven't noticed, they did get their hair cut! I love long hair on girls, but theirs what getting pretty scraggly and it was getting hard to make it look nice. It turns out Hannah has a lot more curl than we thought. You can't tell here because it's all in the back.

We'll be back soon with Chloe's birthday party! She has been telling anyone and everyone (including inviting a fireman) about her party and how she will be 3. I don't think she even feels 2 anymore.

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