Jan 6, 2012

Christmas Stage 1

Merry Christmas from Hannah- our contemplative, curious, athletic, artistic, bright, glowing girl.

Merry Christmas from Chloe- our boisterous, chatty, cuddly, giggly, clever little munchkin.

Merry Christmas from Colin- our resourceful, busy, sneaky, observant, sweet, loving little guy.

We have so many pictures from the Christmas season, I'll have to break it up in to several posts, so here goes the first. : )

Last year, Colin was only a few months old, and we wished we had participated more in Christmasy family activities. This year we did much more. Nana treated us to a trip on the Polar Express (the girls' favorite movie this season) in Grapevine, TX.

We grabbed some hot chocolate and watched a little pre-show with a dancing train conductor.

All aboard!!!

Elf-like hostesses sang songs, danced through the aisles, and passed around "snow" balls while we took a little ride.

Santa came by with the gift of silver bells.

After the ride, the girls made a glass ornament with Nana. Hannah's dipping the melting glass into confetti for color.

Fire it up some more. I don't have a picture of the final result, but it was a huge glass globe with colors smeared through. Very pretty and a lovely gift from Nana.

Last year we kept hearing that Bass Pro Shop was a great place to go for Christmas and they also had free Santa photos, which is definitely a plus for a small Christmas budget. We are the opposite of outdoorsmen and weren't sure what to expect, but it was terrific! Isn't this a great fireplace in the lobby?

I had no idea how huge this place was. And it was really decked out for Christmas.

Santa took a nap while they changed the photo paper. For being first in line, we sure
had to wait a long time, but the kids were patient. Again, no picture of the end result because it hasn't been scanned yet, but it was a little more interesting than last years, which I thought was pretty interesting : )

To the coloring station. They also had a craft table and a couple of train sets you could play with.

We rode the reindeer carousel twice. Chloe was thrilled.

I like the matching "huh?" face on these two.

We visited the bass aquarium and how could I pass up this pose with the shark? I couldn't.
p.s. Hannah never did reach out to save me- haha She's a realist, what can I say.

Dax teaches his daughter the crossbow. They figured it out eventually. We won't be buying one anytime soon.

Hannah, Hannah Crockett- Queen of the Wild Frontier
What a great night out. We had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel and called it a day.

With Megan out of school, we jump at the chance to get together. She surprised
us with some cookies to decorate. Again, Chloe is thrilled : )

We had a few decapitated ones, but I think they're cute.

The clan- so fun to watch them grow up together. I just realized how long
Hannah's legs really are! Just like her mom. (I apologize again for the red-eye-
Iphoto is not letting me adjust them).

Colin is now old enough to face forward, and he's much more comfortable now.

I love seeing this site on my way home. Put a little blonde wig on
Colin and they look like twins.

Since we traveled quite a bit for Christmas this year, we had an early family Christmas at home.
We filled their new bowls with popcorn and snacked while we opened gifts. A fun time.

They received this new tunnel from their godparents. A great new way to get to the kitchen.

But only for kids.

Next stop- Collierville, TN!!

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