Mar 9, 2012

January- March

Well, we're back! I know it's been way too long since I posted anything, but I hope to get back on track now. This picture was from Valentine's Day. Chloe had such a great time making cards that every time she draws a picture, she presents it to someone as a Valentine. She likes for me to stash them in my "top drawer" since that's where I hid them for Daddy originally.

Colin is all over the place. You never have to look for him because he's either directly under your feet or climbing something nearby.

Little Colin Sinatra

Hannah has begun soccer!! Her team is called the Lady Pumas. Here is one of their practices.

The weather has been beautiful here lately. This is one of those scenes you dream of when you are young and think about family in the future. Everyone out on a warm pretty day and enjoying time together.

Why Colin frequently bumps into walls.

Also in this great weather, I've started a vegetable bed. It's taken lots of steps to get this little spot ready. While Hannah is at school, the other two like to help out.

We've also continued our frequent trips to the park, and found lots of new ones.

Colin's not afraid of any tall slides, but maybe can get a bit more balance : )

No it probably seems from the outside that I live a pretty relaxed life- taking the kids to the park all the time instead of working, but believe me, it's a lot of work. They are definitely the ones relaxing. We usually meet friends at about 10:30. They all 3 have to be dressed of course. Then there are always the jackets, extra sets of clothes, diapers, etc. Water bottles and 4 lunches with picnic blanket, etc. etc. They play for awhile before lunch, but there's no sitting down on a bench for me. Colin is at the point where he can climb everything, but probably shouldn't. I've stopped him many times from finding the highest point of the jungle gym and dangling one leg over the edge just for fun. When 1 kid wants to swing, they all want to swing. We take up almost a whole swing set! I run from kid to kid, each not understanding why I'm not pushing them alone :) We eat lunch with friends, clean up the lunch, play a little more then take 3 tired kids home. Once we get home, there is the unpacking of all that we packed, cleaning of dishes, potty duties, changing out of dirty clothes, settling Colin for a nap and setting the girls up with something to watch while I start some other chore. Even though the logistics can be tedious, we are extremely blessed that I can stay home with them and we can experience lovely days like this on a regular basis.

More pretty soccer practice. Colin is hard to keep off the field.

Dax smartly brought a kite.

Someone is pouty.

That's better.

Before their first game, they took team pictures. Nana is pleased with the lime green uniforms. I didn't get to be there that day as I was judging a solo and ensemble and then had a musical later that night, but Dax got some good shots. She that little girl next to Hannah in the front row? She's just turned 4 and is the team star. I believe she's scored nearly every goal in their two games. Hannah enjoys playing for sure, but tends to trail behind the ball a bit right now, ready for the whistle to blow any minute as she keeps checking on the referee : ) Coach Ben's daughter is the girl standing next to him and she's quite good, too.

We'll get official pictures soon.

Stuffing markers into the kitchen table- not one I would have thought of myself.

Playing in the backyard with a fire truck and a water hose.

Chloe helped me plant the young vegetable plants. I was busy in one corner and then she informed me that she had gone ahead and planted the strawberries for me, and she had very well!

These two are getting lots of quality time together when Hannah's in school.
Next year it will be everyday. Hannah will be in Pre-K 5 at the same school she attends now, but will go 5 days a week from 9-1.

We got them some tiny lawn chairs for the soccer games. Pretty cute.

I loved this. Chloe thought the sun was too bright, so she moved her chair behind Dax for absolutely no view of the game, and apparently it was still sunny.

Warming up.

I want some more independence around here from everyone! So why not learn to do their own laundry? : )

Our Hannah turned 5 years old! Her official birthday party is next week, but we celebrated the day ourselves by letting her pick some things to do. She chose playtime at the mall, a pizza lunch, and a couple of her favorite shows when we got home. It was such a pretty day, we opened presents on the deck when Dax got home. She had an early morning visit from Nana and received the outfit she's wearing, plus a pink dinosaur, which apparently she had asked for several times and Nana was actually surprised to find in a store. From Colin she got a tiny magnetic koala bear that used to be my mom's. : ) Chloe got her an extra large Disney Princess coloring book. I got her a teacher Barbie since she seems really into being a teacher lately. It came with a little classroom set. And her big gift was a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, and of course a bike to go with it.

Closing their eyes for the surprise. : )

Big girl.

We blocked the driveway with our cars since we don't have a sidewalk and all three kids tried out their wheels. Hannah chose her own cake that morning, too. She didn't want them to write on it and said she would sign her name herself at home.

It was windy, so the blowing out of candles had to happen inside.

Then back outside to eat the cake! We're really looking forward to spring break and seeing Grandma and Grandpa soon!