May 21, 2012

Back Already

 Our friend Matt came to stay for a few days around Dax's birthday. We were able to go to our favorite restaurant and enjoy time together. The kids love him!

 Colin's getting bigger and bigger! And with all the little scrapes and bruises you expect of a boy : )

 He's nice to cuddle with, too : )

 Many of these pictures are on Facebook, but that's okay. One of my favorite games to play with my mom growing up was Pick Up Sticks. The girls caught on quickly and were pretty good and determining which stick to pick up. Who knew such a simple game could teach physics, reasoning, logic, motor skill control, fairness, and patience.

 Dax now has a little Godson! Jonah and his twin sister Mary were baptized a few weeks ago.

 This means Dax is his sponser and will help guide him through a Christian life as he grows. For now, it means he prays for him and takes him to Communion : )

 Hannah's team finished up their season and received participant trophies.

 I loved when the team cheered and held up their trophies, but Hannah was so enamored with hers, she just examined it on stage.

 We were able to go to a local German Fest this year! This of course means rides.

 Colin needed some convincing.

 The girls were so excited about their first little roller coaster.

 And then weren't too sure about things once it got going! haha

 German Fest perfect meal.

 A friend from church cleaned out his childhood toys and gifted Dax with about 10,000 action figures.
I think besides winning the lottery, this might have been his dream come true. He sorted through them all and decided on a few less scary ones to keep and give to Colin for his birthday.

 That same family gave us one of their kitchen chairs. It's not quite a match, but extremely close.
We can finally all sit together for dinner, and Colin really loves it.

It's hot enough here to start swimming. Someone is pretty excited.

 But moods can change pretty quickly. And no, I didn't stage that!

 I love how Hannah's eyes match the pool.

 Poor little Byron (this is all at Nana's house by the way) wasn't pleased with the pool. He hid from us for the rest of the afternoon.

Also from Facebook, we started a little project that turned into a big one. 

 I found a picture on Pinterest of a little hidden racecar tunnel made of PVC pipe. It quickly turned into my deciding to make an entire matchbox car city.

 The girls made a project of painting buildings from scrap pieces of wood at church.

 Ta Da! I like how it's in the shade, too, so they'll get more play out of it this summer.

 A little garage from a brick.

 And hidden tunnels.

 Zoo with pool and cages filled with Care Bears.

 Interstate bridge.
 Interstate exit and apple orchard.


 One day while Hannah was at school, I took Chloe and Colin on a little nature walk. Chloe was so hesitant I started to go batty. After the 7th time of answering her question why we were there, I finally said in a very frustrated tone, "Because we're enjoying outside today!!!!!!" A lady jogged right past me then of course and heard only that.

 The park had some fun science signs. We compared the leaves we found to the pictures. Chloe really loved that. I hope they never stop loving to learn.

 This park was backed up to a country club, so they got a sneak peak at a tennis game. I thought they were out of sight for the most part, but soon I heard the ladies say, "How cute!" and before I knew it, each kid was presented with a brand new tennis ball to keep.

 I told Chloe to stay with Colin while I got lunch out of the car.  :)

 Playing in the gazebo.

 That same day was Hannah's "Water Day" at school. We showed up just in time for the younger ones to be whisked off to play by the teacher, who is always so sweet to include them when she can.

 Water balloon toss!

 They're learning to climb the tree in the backyard. Chloe is saying cheese right there. : )
And yes, I put Colin up there myself for the picture : )

 Hannah is always asking to climb the tree now.

 When Daddy got home, they wanted to play a game. So they seriously got out their instrument flashcards and raised their hands when they knew the answer. Colin's really sure about this one.
He did actually say "Hone!" when he saw a horn.

 Anna and I went on a lovely garden tour last weekend. So many good ideas!

 And later that day, Anna graduated with her Masters from TWU! The kids were not really sure what was going on, no matter how much explanation. The concept of a degree is pretty abstract I suppose.
I was happy a local newscaster I like was the speaker. I was surprised when they introduced her. Then Dax told me she had been standing right behind us smiling at the kids. Guess I didn't recognize her!

 Our view.

 Chloe's wondering when we'll actually see Nana.

 Proud family!
 Anna with her main professor.

 Proud son! The next day she had a little party at her house with swimming for the kids and lots of tasty food. I'll be back soon!