Jun 24, 2012

Weather and Colin's Bday

 As I mentioned before, the week after Movies was Weather. We did an experiment with water and heat, trying to create rain in a bottle. It worked pretty well.

 The kids got to play in the "rain" aka sprinkler.

 The Magic Bullet turned some ice into snow to eat for a snack.

 Sometimes it seems like a tornado hit our house when I'm in the next room : )
The kids learned about storms, we watched videos, and even had a real storm.

 Mr. Colin turned 2 years old! Hard to believe, as we always say. We opted out of any more big parties so we had our friends the Bentons over for some slip and slide time and lunch.

 We couldn't get Colin to stay in one place while he opened his gifts. This is the best shot I got. He received a little electronic puzzle from Phoebe and Finley. From the girls he got a stuffed shark. Dax and I gave him some superhero action figures, a little garage-headquarters for them, and a velcro ball set. Oh, and the slip n slide. From Grandma so far, he got little gathering and food itself.

 From Nana, a bike and helmet. From Papaw, a little chair for his room, which I'll post later.

 We sang clapped, but Colin wasn't sure about the attention. He did manage a few sneaky fingers full of ice cream. He wasn't so sure about blowing the candle either and made no attempt whatsoever! haha But he had a great day with friends and lots of new things to play with.

 Earlier that morning, I went garage sale-ing with Anna. As soon as I spotted this, I loved it for Colin's room. Originally I thought I would paint it white to match his bed, but he won't have a little white bed forever, and it was really pretty the color it was. I cleaned it up and changed out the knobs for green polka dots and red stripes that matched his room. With the knob purchase, it was a total of about $30!!!  Papa Hats and Granny B's bday money helped Colin get a new armoire. (Megan and Scott helped unload it and noticed the sign on it said "Amour- $20") 

 We picked our carrots! Did they taste delicious? Not even close. They were very rubbery and bitter. But we had fun growing them anyway. : )

 The next week's learning theme turned out to be Cars. I know nothing about cars except the basics, which is good, because toddlers really only can absorb the basics anyway : ) We put them to work washing said cars. They loved it.

(The kids did make a weather forecast video for weather week, but for some reason it's not loading! I also have a few other videos to post, but will have to wait till the system works).

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