Jun 24, 2012

Cars and Baseball

 Continuing our Cars theme, the kids practiced riding their own.
Then we examined our van. We talked about everything from hubcaps to gear shifts. They liked sitting in the drivers seat and suddenly had a new understanding of all the things Mommy has to pay attention to on the road.

 One day we played with their matchbox cars. We brought them to some fountains the kids like to splash in.

 Dax helped them set up a ramp later that day.

 Colin also received his present from Papaw in the mail. A perfect little chair for his room.

Giving the kids a box is a great way to wind down the day before bedtime.

 Warning: The rest of the post is about baseball. If I thought Knoxville was a sports town, Dallas is even bigger, and more obsessed with the pros. There are the Cowboys and Mavericks of course, but there are also the Rangers, who have been in the World Series the last two years. For living near a city with so many winning teams, we've never been to one game. I played softball in high school but was never interested in watching baseball. The games seemed too boring on tv. Until the World Series last year when I was riveted by the games! Then I watched hours of documentaries on baseball. Well, Anna was able to get us a couple of Rangers tickets through work, and I was so excited to finally go! It was exciting to be among all the regular fans crowding around the stadium in all blue and red.

 The view when you enter the stadium.

 View of Six Flags from the top of the stadium- with storms brewing.
 View from our seats.
 They had so many entertaining things going on the big screen between innings, and nothing was boring at all! No commercials or commentary helps. There's just so much to look at and watching the players' skill and efficiency was really entertaining, as well as listening to the guy behind us explain baseball to his family. We learned quite a lot, including that the little square things are called "bases." : )

 Rain came and went a few times so they had to cover the dirt with a tarp. I know, all you regular sports people are laughing at my play by plays.

 Beautiful view!

Loved these storm clouds. Anyway, Dax and I had a great time at the game and I so hope we don't have to wait another 11 years to go again : ) We left a little early due to my uncontrollable anxiety over a little girl I felt was too close to the railing. I couldn't concentrate on anything anymore and the family didn't look like they were going to move any time soon! We made it through 7 innings anyway and wanted to beat the traffic before the long drive home.

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