Aug 4, 2012

Arkansas/Tennessee Part1

 First of all, Hannah started piano lessons! So far she really loves Mr. Jack. He works with Dax at NCTC as a history professor, but also has a piano studio and composes. We're lucky enough to have him come to the house for her 15 min. She's been working hard on her two assignments. And yes, he was a little weirded out by my wanting a picture. haha

 This picture needs some explaining. Lone Star Wind Orchestra headed out to Fort Smith, Arkansas to play the feature concert at their Bandmasters Convention. Heather already lives in Arkansas so she arrived at the hotel before our bus. This is how I found her- all bundled up like she's in a hospital bed and super comfy.

 Here we are getting ready for rehearsal.

 The horn section after the concert. This is probably the one of if not the best section I've played with. We work really well together, get along great, and everyone we met from the audience had compliments for the section. One even said it was the best he'd ever heard! How nice! I was also talked with my honor band conductor from 9th grade. She was really friendly and even got tears in her eyes after we sang one of the honor band pieces together. She said as an educator it was so wonderful to see her work paying off over the years. : )

 With Heather and Professor Corporon. Both of these people are a constant inspiration to me for so many reasons. I'm lucky to get to be around them on a regular basis.

 Since we were overdue for a trip to Tennessee, Heather drove me to her town to meet up with Dax and the kids- who probably had a very peaceful trip without me. We decided to get a nice "scenic' picture, but after a few tries, this was the best we could do! Regardless, the drive was beautiful.

 It was a looong drive to Dyersburg from there. We had to figure out various sleeping arrangements. My mom was kind enough to leave mints on our pillows- haha

 All the grandkids in the guest room. Every time they see each other they are instant friends, and I'm really thankful for that! The painting above them actually hung in our living room for years and years so it's nice to see it has a new place in the guest room.

 Guitar buddies. Dax recently read the biography of Slash from Gun n Roses and is now getting back into his interest of guitar and drums from years ago.

 The next morning we all headed out to the local pool.

 Preston and Kayla jumped off the high dive right away- who knew?

 Aunt Mary Beth loves the little ones. : )

 Dax and Hannah had a great time together. She braved up enough to go down the water slide since he was at the bottom to catch her. After one go, she did it for probably an hour straight.

 I jumped off the lower board a few times.

 Mary Beth and I try our synchronized jumping. She was a bit braver and jumped from the higher one, but I still wouldn't do it! Looks like I need to get some sun!

 My favorite spot at the new house. A second story deck looking over the lake! I spent a lot of time reading and dozing out here.

 The new table means everyone can eat together.

 I loved Dyersburg. So many beautiful little houses with pretty landscaping, small town friendliness, and great views.

 Mary Beth and I taking our tradition goofy pictures. (Melody had to work in Nashville and couldn't come :(  My mom said this was the only swing bridge left- I'm not sure if she meant county or country : )

 Trying to take one of those artsy poses, but I didn't quite make it up before the timer went off!!

Back to the house for a kids' dance video in the new rec room, but with no kids.

More to come...

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