Oct 8, 2012

 I'm finally back with some random photos! More to come soon. Here is one of the colossal messes the younger two made when I decided to fold some laundry.

 I love pretty days on the back porch. Chloe's doing her schoolwork.

 Colin loves to dress up now.

 These two demanded I hold a photo shoot and offered many poses. These two are my favorite.

 Not sure what was going on here.

 Colin just piled his entire dinner into the potato. Someone else made a manger out of theirs.

 The only time this has ever happened.

 Me thrilled with getting contacts and taking one of those self photos people always post.

 With Chris and Nancy played 'The Most Happy Fella'- a wonderful show with wonderful company.

 Chloe is into photography now. I found tons of pictures on the camera I certainly did not take. Here are a few- she favors the up close and personal still lifes.

 I took Hannah to visit her grandparents and I went on to Nashville to visit Melody and see my horn teacher from high school. The weekend was full of good moments! Here's Melody at work giving me a tour.

 The back property of Melody's work is beautiful. One of the fence posts is actually me.

 Enjoying the concert in Music City.

 Melody and I went to an art crawl and had a fun time. We met an animal photographer named Amy Butler and I bought a sweet giraffe photo from her. I meant to put it in Colin's room, but I love it so much, it's framed in our living room. We've been teaching the kids about peace and other such happy things, and this baby giraffe just has a look of peace and innocence and curiosity I love. It also reminds me of the trip to Nashville. Also that giraffe is at the Nashville Zoo where Melody was once an intern. Anyway, lots of connections, so I love the picture. Can you tell? I've talked more about the giraffe than anything else.

Hannah loved her time with Grandma and Papaw and her cousin Kayla. We also enjoyed our 1 on 1 drive together.

 Hannah's first day of preschool this year. She's really loving it.

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