Oct 8, 2012

October Beginnings

 I woke up one morning to Colin dressed in 3 tutus.

 He loved trying on his cousin's hand me downs.

 And then dressing as who knows what.

 Dax taught Chloe how to play the card game 'war' and she loved it right away. See her hair swinging as she throws down her cards with great enthusiasm?

 She got hold of the camera again for more close-ups and still lifes.

 I personally liked this captured moment.

 Hannah had to dress up a bear in a costume for her class wall display. She chose a circus bear since we had so many fun puffy balls and feathers.

 Grandma and Papaw came for a visit during their fall break and the kids loved every moment with them. Chloe got a head start on birthday presents, so that pleased her as well. My parents were able to come to the Lone Star Wind Orchestra concert. I didn't tell them I was a featured musician in the program (in my story I talked about my dad's influence on me in music) and didn't tell them I had some big solos, so they were surprised and happy. They haven't been able to attend a concert in many, many years so it was special for all of us.

 Papaw always intrigues the kids with his iphone videos- this time a funny owl.
And Grandma is always good for cuddles, games, learning, and book reading.

Colin loves the recorder Chloe got for a birthday gift. Chloe put it in bed with her tonight. At first my mom and I discussed getting her one. Then Chloe later told me she really wanted a flute (that goes sideways) so I emailed my parents a link..after my mom bought the recorder. They got her a little fife as well, and so far she prefers the recorder because it's so much easier to play, and a pretty purple. :)

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